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Best Design Practices & Importance of Rapid Prototyping to build an MVP

The new products and emerging technology are foisting confusion at a faster pace than ever before. The whitepaper encapsulates the ideal design process that successful MVPs follow while iterating vision, of which rapid prototyping is an important part. Also, this paper throws light on the split between aspirational techies and practical user experience theorists to understand what goes into successful MVPs.

Design Thinking for a Killer User – Experience (UX)

Every few years, some trailblazing UX designer or an agency develops a new design method. Names are made. Fame is achieved. Books are sold. Lines are drawn.

Sales Transformation Through Salesforce

It’s the age of empowered, informed, and demanding customers whose dynamic needs shape the sales industry. Keeping up with the fast-evolving customer expectations is challenging, and the only way to thrive the long haul is to prepare your sales team and transform your sales process.

Account Based Marketing

Relationships with clients have always taken center stage in the sales function. However, its importance and recognition have grown over the years. Traditionally, companies used to focus on a large number of clients and then nurture them. Over the years, the approach has reversed, companies focusing on value over volume; and there gets the Account-Based Marketing story starts.

Value Based Selling

Knowledge and value based go-to-market strategy is one of the most preferred ways companies are trying to compete in industry. Lean operating philosophy is sine qua non for subscribing to a value-added go-to-market strategy.

Digital Sales Transformation

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies are constantly pressured to adapt new evolving technologies as per market conditions and with the increasing pressure and demand for speed and cost, agile methodologies are proving as a boon to the Information Technology (IT) market.

Productivity by Design

Productivity by design is a concept to re-imagine the organization’s key pillars people, process, technology, and knowledge. Fostering innovation culture, automating recurring processes, enabling knowledge culture, and bridging the talent gap will amplify the organization’s productivityby design.